CiO, is a web based service that allows you to receive orders from retailers or manually enter them, schedule those orders for installation, track the orders through completion and communicate with the retailer all along the way, while maintaining a central file of all documents and communications.  Of course we interface to QuickBooks for accounting and using our API’s provide you with easy connections to other ERP applications and tools. You can use the system on your PC or on your phone or on most any other mobile devices.  If you can get online, you can get on CiO.

There are a lot of tools out there designed to help you organize. CiO is different because we combine more of the features you want in a system, but above all we make it look SIMPLE. What makes an application great is not how much it will do, but how easy it is for people to actually USE. We provide most every feature you’d want while making sure it’s easy enough for your “tech-challenged” team to use too!

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