Clients Inspire Continued Innovation at Cilio Technologies

When Cilio Technologies first launched its new Partners Portal several years ago, the system was designed to help streamline the workflow of order management and supply chain data for the building and manufacturing industry. Businesses that began using the Cilio Partners Portal found it so helpful that they challenged Cilio to develop additional new applications to customize the Portal even further.

Cilio gladly accepted these challenges and today the Partners Portal has evolved into a multi-functional communication and data management system being used by several different types of businesses across the country.

Versatility and Visibility

INNOVATION road signInnovations inspired by enthusiastic clients have allowed Cilio to continue to break new ground by expanding the functional abilities of their popular Partner’s Portal. By adding new communications and document management capabilities, Cilio has given their client businesses the ability to easily create a private, interactive network where information can be shared both inside and outside the company. Sort of like having a private (and secure) company-based version of Facebook, LinkedIn or Dropbox.

With the new communications and document management functions available through the Portal, employees around the country now have the ability to communicate with each other via public or private messages. They can access information easily because the documents are no longer created and stored in one person’s office in Topeka, they’re created and stored in the Portal, where they are instantly accessible via any internet enabled device to anyone who has been granted access to the Portal.

Newest Applications
Since the original launch of the Partners Portal, Cilio has added four new major applications to enhance the analytics functionality and user accessibility of the system.

• Communications Center
Provides public and private messaging as well as social media-style interface. Give employees ability to communicate individually or in groups.
• Document Management System
Allows secure, company-wide or individual access to business documents. Provides ability to create and track documents, forms, invoices, warranty tracking, photo/video sharing and dozens of other document-related functions.
• Lead Management System
Provides simple input for sales leads and instant distribution of leads to appropriate personnel. Tracks contacts, follow-ups and resulting sales. Provides instant information of sales-related data from across the system.
• Big Data Solution
Pulls data from many different data sources which in turn allows for greater understanding of key business analytics. By taking advantage of big data feeds into Cilio’s dashboards, users will see at a global level how their business is impacting their market place.

The Partners Portal At Work
efficiencyHere’s a real-world example of how the new applications of the Partners Portal can improve a company’s efficiency: Say a sales rep attends a trade show and comes back with 1,000 leads. Under the old paradigm, those leads would probably be manually entered into a spreadsheet and someone (or several someones) would have to go through each entry to distribute them to the appropriate offices for follow-up. Once the leads had been sent, there was usually no reliable way to track them or find out if they ever had been followed up on or led to an actual sale.

Cilio’s new Partners Portal applications process all of that information immediately, distribute it to the people who need it, and track every contact and follow-up action afterward, instantly increasing efficiency and accessibility to the information, leading to your business making better decisions.

Everything is in sync, everything is available, everything is secure, in real time.

The new communications and document sharing functions of the Cilio Partners Portal have taken the inefficiencies out of workflow management and given business leaders much more control over the information they need and the visibility they desire.

Riding the Wave
The Partners Portal ability to track, analyze and communicate hundreds of different types of business data through a secure system is a long-sought solution for many companies. The concept is catching on quickly as CEOs and IT professionals realize the value of consolidating information in such an easily accessible format.

Cilio is still serving the building and manufacturing industry, but with their new Partners Portal applications, other types of businesses are realizing the benefits and signing up to try it out. So far, they are just as excited and enthusiastic as Cilio’s first customers.

One new customer, storage specialists SecurCare, launched their Partners Portal in several storefront locations. You can read more about their experience via this link:

The Sky’s The Limit For SecurCare With New Cloud-Based Communications Portal

Stay Tuned for More

Three other large national companies are currently going through the implementation stage and will be launching their respective Partners Portals within the next 30 days.

As the Cilio Partners Portal continues to gain popularity among business leaders, plans are already underway for more innovations and new business applications. Cilio Technologies, as always, is committed to providing customized solutions for each of its customers, whether they are “mom and pop” sized companies or international corporations.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Cilio Partners Portal can help your company function more effectively, contact Cilio at: 262-320-0480 ext. 101 or

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