Randall N. Olejnik, President and CEO

As the founder of Cilio Technologies, Randy Olejnik combines vision, entrepreneurship, and strategic IT thinking with more than 30 years of executive leadership in business process reengineering and solution development within the retail, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.

Randy is the visionary behind the Cilio Partners Portal, one of the first cloud-based applications connecting various partners in the retail, distribution and manufacturing industries supporting installed order sales and related purchase order management. He built the first portal for a major manufacturer and their retail sales channel, which supported over 1,700 U.S. locations and 500 related distributors and fabricator/installers. This first portal unified the order completion and approval process for hundreds of thousands of installed sales orders. Since then, the portal has evolved to support multiple manufacturers and sales channels, where today nearly $1 billion of special orders and related purchase orders are being managed. Randy’s focus for the portal is to continuously add services and capabilities that drive sales in Cilio clients’ sales channels, ranging from order distribution and management to incentive systems and analytics. The goal is to provide visibility, effective communication, and value-added functionality so that all partners WIN using the Cilio Partners Portal.

Prior to Cilio, Randy founded Ranco Systems Inc. and served as its President and CEO. At Ranco, he designed, developed, installed and supported ERP applications on a national basis for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers, resulting in over 200 installations nationally supporting thousands of individual users. Randy sold Ranco Systems to DMSI Inc. in 2001 to begin the evolution into web-based solutions, now referred to as cloud computing.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Randy is an enthusiastic husband, father and grandfather to his wife Susan, his five children and their spouses, and ten grandchildren. Randy has always been a promoter of family values and “the family business” and is proud that currently two of his sons are partners with him in Cilio’s success and that his three other children are keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive running their own successful business ventures.


Allen Klumpp, Partner/VP of Security and Infrastructure

Allen Klumpp was an early leader in information security best practices and solution development, including security audits for Fortune 500 firms and developing the digital security software used by President Clinton to sign the Digital Security Act into law. This experience along with his 20+ years in system design and development, quality assurance, and project management serve him well as Cilio’s VP of Security and Infrastructure.

Allen oversees technical infrastructure and security for the Partners Portal. As one of the first cloud-based applications in the manufacturing industry, the portal required pioneering some of today’s best practices for ensuring data and infrastructure integrity in a hosted environment. Allen successfully managed the infrastructure deployment of the portal for a major retailer and its trading partners supporting $200,000,000 of installed sales. In this role, he was involved in all phases of deploying and managing a solution used by multiple manufacturers to manage fabricators, dealers, promotions, rebates, projects and orders. He also designed and implemented a variety of communication solutions for sharing data between different systems that include AS2, EDI, FTP, web services and email and helped customers leverage the portal’s built-in incentive program.

When it’s time to relax, Allen enjoys watching cooking shows and likes to try and replicate the tasty dishes he sees on TV.


Jeremy Olejnik, Partner/VP of Professional Services and Development

Jeremy Olejnik is the chief architect and development lead for the Cilio Partners Portal. Drawing upon 15+ years in technology design, process innovation, and data management, he has pioneered new online batch processing models to better control data; implemented security measures to protect the integrity of access, data, infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery; and led design of web interface and user controls.

Jeremy was the lead architect for the first Cilio portal solution for a major retailer to provide them channel management and control for a large distribution network. The portal unified transactions from five large manufacturers into a single process delivering over $200,000,000 in combined annual installed sales. In this role, he devised new price management and approval processes throughout a nationally distributed team and created streamlined integration toolkits to interface to market-leading ERP systems.

Prior to Cilio, Jeremy led various design and development roles in the healthcare industry. This included the implementation of a new cardiology and medical imaging system for Milwaukee’s leading hospital networks, combining multiple facilities throughout Wisconsin into a common electronic medical record.

In addition to being a tech guru, Jeremy is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and family man.

Jeremy Schlieckau

David Brass, Partner/VP of Sales and Marketing

For many of our clients, David is the initial touch point at Cilio. In his role of VP of Sales and Marketing, David leverages over 10 years of successful sales management experience, to help our clients grow and realize efficiencies they never knew existed. Prior to joining Cilio, David was a partner at a consulting firm that provided various management and IT consulting services to installation companies. Prior to that, for many years, David was a key player at Lowe’s Home Improvement, serving in Store Management, Corporate Office Project Mgmt., and Field Management over 120 installation/repair companies.

David possesses a unique skillset, that can easily relate to individuals on both sides of the desk. With a rare blend of sales background, field and corporate experience, he can foresee items that will impact business from all angles. As he is fond of saying, “I’m just as comfortable wearing a tool belt as a business suit.”

Since recently relocating to the NC coastal area, David is finding new ways to enjoy life, while raising 15 year old boy/girl twins with his wife Michelle of 17 years. Whether jumping out of a plane or sitting under a cool umbrella on the beach, David is able to find good times doing most anything.

Jeremy Schlieckau

Jeremy Schlieckau, Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager

Jeremy leverages many years in software/hardware IT support, customer support and database knowledge in his senior software engineer role at Cilio. Jeremy oversees database and security maintenance, escalated support issues and is also involved in every facet of on-boarding new customers.

Prior to joining Cilio, Jeremy worked nearly two decades in the healthcare industry, most recently leading a team in support and implementation functions in the radiology imaging business sector. In his tenure he has gained a wealth of knowledge in database architecture, software design & control processes, workflow analysis, support processes and electronic data exchange.

Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family and has a passion for getting his hands dirty in anything automotive. He is currently working with his brother on restoring an 80’s Trans AM KITT car from the wildly popular 80’s show Knight Rider. The car will be fully voice controlled and have all the bells and whistles of the original (minus David Hasselhoff)! Jeremy also loves “side projects” in anything related to construction and remodeling.


Joseph Olejnik, Manager of Customer Support and Training Services

Joe Olejnik is the front-line for all customer support and training activities associated with the Cilio Partners Portal. To his role as Manager of Customer Support and Training Services, he brings 10+ years of management and leadership experience within the financial and IT industries.

Joe is the author of all documentation, videos, site tips and help guides that are foundational to understanding the portal. He leads webinars and conducts in-person training to ensure user adoption and mans the help desk and online chat functions for round-the-clock support.

Prior to joining Cilio, Joe managed credit union collection services for 10+ credit union divisions, including mentoring and training credit union employees in real estate, personal banking and various loan collection categories. He executed data collections for calculated risks, presented to board members on meeting reserves for potential account losses, and handled all efforts for recovery and court litigation involvement.

When he is not helping customers get the most out of the Partners Portal, Joe is a serious foodie and master of homemade fusion cuisine, music buff and outdoorsman.


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