Efficient Communications: The Foundation of a Successful Business


The foundation of a successful business has always been innovative and effective communication. Without it, sales can’t be made, materials can’t be ordered, progress can’t be tracked and results can’t be shared.  As new technologies evolve that make communication easier, a wise business leader should jump at any opportunity to improve speed, reach and efficiency. George Washington, believe it or not, is a good example of this type of business leadership even today.


The General Problem

While General Washington was leading the Continental Army through the Revolutionary War he was also supervising (from a distance) the construction of major additions on his home at Mount Vernon.  Like all good businessmen, Washington kept detailed records of his decisions and communicated regularly with his generals, congress and the managers and tradesmen overseeing the construction at his home. At that time it took a courier a month or more to get a single message from Massachusetts to Virginia. Managing all of these messages and documents was, at best, a challenge.

Once Washington became president, his responsibilities multiplied, his “business” grew and he quickly realized the need to protect and preserve correspondence and documents. He hired a staff of clerks to hand-copy everything. whois . But as soon as he learned of a new invention, the “copying press,” he eagerly to put it to work making copies of letters, documents, drawings and design specifications.1 The results must have rocked his world. Efficiency and reliability increased as did his ability to share identical correspondence with multiple recipients. Sound familiar?

Fast forward 230 years. Business communications have quickly evolved from hand-written letters and documents to high-speed data transfer using a wide variety of platforms and applications. The information is there, but sharing it efficiently is still a challenge. In one sense most of us are still handing off messages to a disparate group of Pony Express riders and hoping each one will deliver the right document to the right person, in a reasonable amount of time.

The Communications Solution

Business leaders today still face the same essential issue that confronted George Washington – the need to communicate important information in a way that is easily accessible for an entire network of employees and trading partners.

Fortunately, an effective solution is now available. Cilio Technologies has developed a new feature called The Communications Center.  The concept is simple: to take all of the information a company’s employees and trading partners need and put it in a single, secure, easy-access location.

From a customized “home page” approved users can access everything from messages, orders and scheduling to interactive forums, training materials, warranties  and product support. Each function can be customized to fit the specific needs of the host company. The Communications Center offers a seamless way to share correspondence, data, graphics, documents, even video files, across your entire network of trading partners. Better still, individual access to every feature can be limited or expanded on demand. Everything in one place. Instant access. Easy sharing. The Communications Center is revolutionary.

George Washington was a visionary. He knew a good solution to a problem when he saw it. Just as he jumped on the first “copying press,” you can bet he’d be first in line to try The Communications Center. It is exactly the kind of communications solution a visionary business leader can use to gain every possible advantage in a competitive marketplace.

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