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Cilio Supply ChainFor Cilio Technologies, 2014 was an amazing year of building new partnerships and growing into new industries. With all the change a new year can bring, we thought it best to reflect upon on the evolution of the building industry’s supply chain since we launched our Partners Portal not too long ago.

From the point of purchase, managing installed sales has always been a somewhat jumbled process with paper, faxes, phone calls, spreadsheets and more paper. While the manual system is known and familiar, it has resulted in lost orders, low visibility for all partners on the chain, as well as inefficiencies, delayed payment cycles and ultimately low customer satisfaction.

When Cilio launched its Partners Portal in the early 2000s, it created a digital, customizable workflow for retailers, fabricators, manufacturers, distributors and consumers. It provided a single point of view, so partners can communicate throughout the entire sales process. It created a customizable workflow and took all paper out of the process (which we recognize, was an adjustment for some people).

But with a little coaching and education, our clients have realized the Portal’s real-time visibility and have valued its communication forums, which allow for sensitive document management and product specifications, along with other communications to be accessed in a real time, secure environment.

In short, it has provided a simpler way to move information through a complex process.

The Portal has improved our client’s accounts receivable efficiency via decreasing their payment cycle to 5 to 10 days, from 30 to 45 days. In addition, our clients have seen increased ROI via the reduction of staff needed at various points of the supply chain management process.

Not to mention, the Portal is mobile-friendly and accessible from smart phones.

Our Portal changes a lot about the business model for manufacturers as well. Rather than relying on distributors to indicate a material’s success in retail outlets, manufacturers can use the Portal as a measuring tool to see how effective their promotions run in building national home centers

Cilio’s process shows manufacturers how to invest their marketing dollars to build their brand more effectively. ask The Portal also makes it easier to navigate multiple sales channels and lock in wholesale prices with distributors based on purchase volume.

Moving forward in 2015, Cilio will remain committed to pursuing industry leading supply chain innovation.

Discover how Cilio can make your supply chain function more effectively.

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