Making Forms Functional

What can be easier than filling out a form? Well, that depends on the form. Is it page after page of paper? Is it an electronic spreadsheet that constantly requires software upgrades and re-training? Does it require time-consuming calculations? And most importantly, how does the information on the form get to all the people who really need to see it? Inter-office mail? U.S. mail? Fax? E-mail? Is this really as efficient as it gets? No, it is not.

Let Cilio Technologies introduce you to dynamic, workflow-driven forms that will make your business information management simpler, more efficient and more cost effective.

Interactive Forms

Below is a great example of how Cilio Technologies can transform your office business systems with web-based form technology.  First presented, is a Petty Cash Audit Form used by one of our clients. Below it is the new web-based form, designed by Cilio, to help streamline the system.

Next to the images are examples of typical steps many companies use to get this information from an employee to the administrative staff at the company’s headquarters in another state.


Print Form
Print or Electronic Form

Print or Electronic Form

1. Employee downloads and saves form from intranet to local computer or prints form.

2. Employee fills out form and ensures calculated totals are all correct.

3. Employee renames and saves file to a new location on the computer for future reference or makes hard copies.

4. Employee opens e-mail (if they have access) and attaches file for delivery to manager for approval. OR file is printed and sent through interoffice mail.

5. Manager approves form and forwards to group of individuals at corporate headquarters via e-mail or faxes.

6. Corporate accounting manually enters numbers in corporate accounts software.

7. Corporate accounting enters information into several different reporting forms.

8. Corporate accounting spends time reconciling and tracking discrepancies from data entry errors which could be anywhere in the workflow.

9. Corporate accounting spends time tracking down information about cash flow in each store for quarterly reports to company CFO.

10. Employee required to assemble, identify and archive documents each year.


petty cash form
Cilio Technologies Interactive Form

Cilio Technologies Interactive Form

1. Employee logs in and fills out form. All calculations are done automatically.

2. Manager accesses form immediately, double-checks and clicks to approve.

3. All information is automatically incorporated throughout store and corporate accounting systems. Everyone who needs to see the information is immediately notified that the information has been updated and is accessible in the portal.

4. Any number of customized reports can be generated instantaneously.

5. Information always immediately accessible by anyone approved to see it.




Seamless Simplicity

It becomes immediately clear how much time and effort is saved by converting even the simplest paper or electronic forms into interactive, web-based forms. Once the data is entered and approved it is instantaneously incorporated into any larger database that might need the information. It is immediately accessible to everyone who needs it. It is simple and it is seamless.

The real beauty of these interactive forms is that they can manage almost any kind of information. The benefits are clearly impressive to everyone who uses them. ask a question In fact, our interactive forms have become so popular that almost every day we’re getting requests to automate more forms. Our clients are even coming to us with ideas for developing new forms for tasks that they never thought could be automated!

Cilio Streamlines Your Form Workflow

At Cilio Technologies we work closely with you to improve the flow of information inside your company and with anyone who interacts with your business, in person or on line.

Our goal is to help streamline your company’s workflow by making technology work to your advantage. Let us help you find ways to make your forms more functional.

To learn more about how Cilio Technologies can help your company function more effectively and profitably, contact us at 262-320-0480 ext. 101 or

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