Connect the dots: installed sales order distribution and management simplified

Are your installed sales orders out of control? The process of distributing and managing orders throughout the trading partner network is often manual and paper-based. Order information may be scattered across any point of the supply chain, leaving you with little visibility into order status or performance of partners, marketing campaigns, and promotions.

Count on the Cilio Partners Portal to connect you to your complex network of trading partners and the customer order – every step of the way. Unlike most building materials software products and order management systems, the Cilio Partners Portal is designed specifically for the installed sales order process.

When it comes to specialty sales for installed products and building materials, Cilio offers the most automated, information-rich, and customizable solution for logging and tracking orders, so you can:

  • Simplify the order distribution and management process.
  • Improve communications across your installed sales supply chain.
  • Get standard and custom reporting on a complete history of orders.
  • Monitor and measure performance of partners, products and campaigns.
Installed sales order distribution and management

Installed sales order distribution and management

The Cilio Partners Portal is a web-based order logging and tracking system that enables you to capture installed sales orders electronically via a single, consistent process, and distribute them automatically through your installed sales supply chain. You and all your partners can capture, update, and track order information in the same environment. It even allows you to electronically store critical documents along with the order, including CAD drawings and Certificates of Completion (COCs). You and your partners get complete visibility into every order, from creation through completion.

Incentive programs

Incentive programs

Cilio can help you design and execute a program to give your trading partners the added incentive they need to sell more of your products. The Cilio incentive program is a web-based application that helps you incentivize and reward your partners for sales performance. Fully integrated with the Cilio Partners Portal, it offers a direct link to your sales system to provide up-to-the-minute data about individual sales and points earned. Design daily, weekly, or monthly promotions to help you meet your sales goals.

  • Increase sales
  • Grow your dealer base
  • Build brand loyalty
Trading partner outreach

Trading partner outreach

Stay connected with your partners and customers to nurture relationships and build loyalty. The Cilio Partners Portal comes with an interface to Constant Contact®, a web-based email marketing tool that allows you to proactively reach out to trading partners and customers with news about your products and information about deals and promotions. It’s a fast and simple method for designing and managing email marketing campaigns and tracking performance. With a direct link to the Cilio Partners Portal, you can leverage a single source for contact information across order management and promotions.


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