Manufacturing solution for installed sales order distribution and management.

Simplify, improve, grow
Whether you need to integrate seamlessly with the retail process, understand and control channel performance, or build your sales channel, Cilio can help. When you combine the power of Cilio’s single, consistent process for installed sales and building materials order management and distribution with our targeted incentives program and email marketing capabilities, you have a powerful platform to:

  • Automate order distribution and provide visibility into complex order management workflows, including material orders against sales, rebates, and warranty.
  • Build and manage trading partner networks.
  • Increase sales and encourage brand loyalty through dealer incentives.
  • Introduce new sales channels quickly and seamlessly
  • Generate additional revenue on every order placed.

Unlike most building materials software products and order management systems, the Cilio Partners Portal is designed specifically for the installed sales order process. It is designed to meet your needs and grow your business today, with minimal customization.

Get clear insight into your installed sales orders
We help you bring together your partners and orders in single environment so you can see exactly where orders originate, review every detail about the order, and track order progress from beginning through completion.

Open new sales channels
When you bring together information about your products and pricing with details about your installed sales supply chain, you have a complete package that allows you to quickly and easily introduce your products to new dealers and retailers. The Cilio Partners Portal gives you the platform to do this.

Manage partner networks
The Cilio Partners Portal combines a complete history of orders with rich reporting capabilities to give you more insight into and control over your trading partner network. You get a clear view into which products are being sold, which partners are selling them, how well campaigns perform, and what the return is on your investments with individual retailers and dealers.

Build an incentive program
Looking to grow your dealer base, build brand loyalty, or simply increase sales over a particular period of time? Cilio offers a web-based incentive program that helps you incentivize and reward your partners for sales performance. It’s fully integrated with the Cilio Partners Portal, offering a direct link to your sales system to provide the latest data about sales and points earned.


If you want to learn more, register with us and we'll give you password-enabled access to the Portal for a look inside. We'll share screen captures, sample reports, pricing information, and technical details to give you a better idea of the Partners Portal experience. Once we know more about you, we'll also be able to tailor what you see to match your interests.

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