Retail solution for installed sales order distribution and management

Simplify, improve, grow
Although an installed sales program offers attractive sales margins and added revenue from installation fees, it brings along a multi-faceted network of vendors and a complex ordering process. Managing an installed sales program can quickly become overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. But it doesn’t have to.

The Cilio Partners Portal can help you simplify the complicated order distribution and management process that comes with an installed sales program. We help you transform an otherwise paper-based, time-intensive, and manual process so you can.

  • Reduce time and cost involved in order management.
  • Improve efficiency of store associates.
  • Raise the bar on customer satisfaction with up-to-the-minute order status.
  • Generate additional revenue on every order placed.

Reduce time and costs
Unlike most building materials software products and order management systems, the Cilio Partners Portal is designed specifically for the installed sales order process. It allows you to ditch all the paper work and go digital so your employees can access order information quickly and easily from any computer or mobile device. Your employees spend more time serving customers and less time hunting down faxes and forms or placing endless phone calls to track orders.

Minimize your transaction touch points
When you introduce an installed sales program to your business, it usually brings with it a web of interactions and paper work with a variety of vendors across your installed sales supply chain, including manufacturers, fabricators, installers, and distributors. With Cilio, you get total visibility into every order’s status, while limiting your involvement to placing the consumer order and paying the final invoice. The Cilio Partners Portal and your manufacturing partners will handle the rest.

Raise the bar on customer satisfaction
Cilio offers a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to provide value-added products and services to customers through your installed sales channels. With an electronic audit trail of each order, you get ready access to all order details, including essential documents such as drawings and Certificates of Completion. You get direct access to manufacturers’ price lists and product specifications to help eliminate costly errors.


If you want to learn more, register with us and we'll give you password-enabled access to the Portal for a look inside. We'll share screen captures, sample reports, pricing information, and technical details to give you a better idea of the Partners Portal experience. Once we know more about you, we'll also be able to tailor what you see to match your interests.

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